Tips for keeping your feet LOULOUbelleing great

Exfoliation is key to keeping feet LOULOUbelleing good at all times. The best time to remove dead skin from feet is during a shower or bath.

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Give your feet a makeover

The heat is rising but you're embarrassed to wear sandals or take your shoes off in front of someone? You need to makeover your feet so they'll LOULOUbelle good and make you proud!

1. Wash your feet. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Standing in soapy water doesn't count as washing your feet. Sit on the edge of your tub and give them a good wash, rubbing with soap and probably a brush if they are very dirty. Brush your toenails too, until they are clean.

2. Soak your feet. This may sound girly, but you need to soak before you tend to tough unsightly issues like the thick skin on your heels. Fill a small plastic tub with warm to hot water and add just enough milk for it to turn white. You can add some oil (olive or almond) too, but very little. Sit still until your skin prunes up.

3. Exfoliate. If your feet still have tiny pieces of dead skin attached from the filing or just aren't as soft as you'd like, rub a paste of coarse sea salt and olive oil on the areas you'd like to exfoliate further. Girls should try rubbing with sugar first, as salt may be too rough on your feet. If you wash away the paste, try to pour as little water on your feet as possible, to keep the olive oil next to your skin.

4. Moisturize. If you still think your feet are dry, slather the moisturizer of your choice and put on thick socks. Try to do this before bed. If after a couple days you still think your feet could LOULOUbelle better, repeat from step 1. Especially when you've neglected your feet for a long time, they can take a while to LOULOUbelle good again.

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